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At Ergo autonomie, we take an individualized approach tailored to your specific needs. We believe in fostering close collaboration between our O.T and you to ensure the best chances of success in your journey.
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Psychological health and Return to Work

Reprogramming the nervous system through the integration of effective and proven lifestyle habits.

- Tools for managing energy, anxiety, and regaining control over your time (active mindfulness approach learned at Harvard).
- Occupational scedule management.
- Cognitive reactivation through analysis of job requirements in relation to your professional and personal responsibilities.
- Identifying the ideal space to maintain leisure and rejuvation periods on a daily basis.
- Personnalized approach centered around your needs.

Health isn't complicated; we work as a team for your reality.

Telerehabilitation service

Meet remotely with your occupational therapist easily through telerehabilitation tools


Sleep, a fountain of youth. Everyone has experienced facing the day after a night of poor sleep, with every aspect of the day becoming more challenginf due to the lack of sleep or a feeling of low energy. The National Institute of Health (2017) considers sleep as one of the most important occupations for maintaining all aspects of health. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2018) recognizes sleep deprivation as a public health issue with significant effects on the safety of professional performance. Many changes tend to disrupt sleep habits, and the myth that older people need less sleep is actually incorrect (Suni, 2022b). Sleep is something to work on during the day. Indeed, there are obstacles to sleep, such as a busy schedule, medications, and a decrease in physical activity, all of which have been associated with decreased sleep satisfaction. This exhausting spiral of inadequate sleep translate into less successful professional and personal engagement, which can lead to other health issues. Knowing that resistance training (2 x / week), yoga, music (16 minutes or more), and brightness (Thondala, Chauhan, and Usha, 2023) all have positive impacts on sleep, it's time to take care of your daytime sleep. The occupational therapy practice takes into account your reality to reintroduce rest and sleep into your busy life.
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as CNESST, SAAQ, as well

as companies and private insurers.

Evaluation of a worker's condition

Evaluation of the functional profile and functional rehabilitation aiming at a return to employment. Focus on psychological and cognitive health aspects.

Progressive Return-to-Work Plan

Your doctor or employer is requesting a progressive return-to-work plan? Trust us for the development of the gradual reintegration plan, which will take into consideration the progression of hours, tasks, the specifics of your personal and professional life, not to mention the mission of your organization. 

Everyone is a winner.

We do not use the term 'concilation' because the best results are achieved when work seamlessly integrates into life rathe than being seen as a compromise.

Workstation expertise

Unfortunately, after a workplace accident, it is possible to retain functional limitations, representing losses or decreases in abilities related to the occupational injury. In this context, it is the reponsibility of the physician to establish functional restrictions aimed at minimizing the risks of recurrence, relapse, or further aggravation.

Thus, the O.T evaluation aimed to:
- Analyze the physical requirements of the job in relation to functional limitations (pre-injury or suitable employment).

- Provide and opinion on work capacity in light of functional limitations. 

The assessment usually leads to various recommendations to increase your level of participation in your pre-injury activities by teaching postural hygiene techniques, energy conservation, pain management and healthy lifestyle habits.

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