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The Ergo autonomie approach is individualized, and adapted to each specific case. A close collaboration is valued between the therapist and the patient in order to guarantee the best chances of success. 
Services for individuals

Our approach aims 

to support our patients in developing

effective tools

Psychological and physical health

Support in the treatment of conditions that limit you in your daily life such as stress and anxiety, post-traumatic stress and chronic pain. Support tailored to your reality.

Telerehabilitation service

Meet remotely with your occupational therapist easily through telerehabilitation tools

Driving assessment

This service is offered to drivers who have received a letter from the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) requiring a driving evaluation by an occupational therapist, but also to people who have difficulty accessing their car as a driver or passenger or to drivers whose health condition has changed and who must adapt their driving position.  
Services for companies and associations

We respond to request

from various insurers such

as CNESST, SAAQ, as well

as companies and private insurers.

Evaluation of a worker's condition

Evaluation of the functional profile and functional rehabilitation aiming at a return to employment. Focus on psychological and cognitive health aspects.

Workplace assessment

Functional expertise of the work activity: evaluate the impact of the permanent functional limitation recognized on your occupation and home needs.

Recommendations and interventions

The assessment usually leads to various recommendations to increase your level of participation in your pre-injury activities by teaching postural hygiene techniques, energy conservation, pain management and healthy lifestyle habits.

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