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Ergo Autonomie aims to deliver professional occupational therapy services that stem from proven scientific methods. Our mission is to help our patients reach a healthy and sustainable balance in their life and work. 

We help people understand their life, body, environment, how it works and what it needs. 

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Take a proactive approach to optimize your life. Occupational therapy will give you insights and tools that will help you maintain and foster in your everyday activities while also helping you find joy in life’s simple pleasures. 
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Krystel Parenteau,

an experienced

occupational therapist

After studying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and completing her Biology Degree at University of Sherbrooke (UofS), Krystel  subsequently completed a Master's degree in O.T. at UQTR. 

She is currently a tutor at UofS and enjoys collaborating with scientists and researchers to learn about what new she can use in her comprehensive holistic approach. As a contributing faculty member at the UofS for the occupational therapy program, and invited speaker for entrepreneurship, Krystel educates other occupational therapists in being regarding mental health and biology. 

In the interest of deepening her knowledge to contribute to healthy work environments, Krystel is currently stydying at Harvard for a Certificate in Organization Behavior (Sept.23-Dec.24). Concurrently, she is creating a platform that consolidates health programs to facilitate workplace reintegration and continues her education in psychological health and functionnal limitations.

Being one of the only occupational therapists in her field with this love of science, entrepreneurship, active meditation and healthy lifestyle, Krystel brings great expertise to Clinique Ergo autonomie. 

Under the law 25 on the Protection of Personal Information, Krystel Parenteau is the person responsible for the protection of personal information and will ensure  compliance with the law within the company.

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